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Metal cladding functions similarly to other types of external cladding, serving to shield insulated pipes or ducts. Metal cladding is typically made of plain or stucco aluminium, Aluzinc, plastisol, galvanized, or stainless steel. Metals in general are extremely versatile and malleable, however, each material presents its own pros and cons when used as a protective outer cover for your insulation. As leading metal cladding contractors, we’re here to help find the perfect choice for you.

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We offer great estimating services and will discuss ideas to help you achieve your project budgets through value engineering.


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All the products we use come with a manufacturer guarantee.  We have a quality assurance guarantee in place, so you can trust our work to always meet your needs.


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We have up to 40 years of experience in the industry, our ethos is to make our clients happy by providing the best service possible.


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All our installers are accredited and accomplished in all areas of industrial and HVAC insulation and hold relevant certification to enable site working.

Expert Metal Cladding Installers

At Thermal Clad, we’ve gathered decades of combined experience and a deep understanding of the industry, making us your trusted partner for cladding solutions. Our skilled insulation experts are fully equipped for on-site installations, ensuring precision and reliability every step of the way. Through fostering strong connections with insulation manufacturers across the UK, we’ve built a reliable supply network that helps us source materials efficiently, minimising the chances of unexpected project delays.

With more than 20 years in the industry, we’re proud of our hands-on expertise in metal cladding installation and our accreditation as safe contractors. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals trained in various insulating materials, ensuring precision and reliability. Whether you’re dealing with a large or complex project, rest assured that our skilled team can deliver outstanding results, providing effective insulation solutions.

Furthermore, our in-house fabrication workshop offers a strategic advantage. If your project calls for special sheet metal finishes, we can create custom casings and fittings to fit the exact dimensions you need. Additionally, our supply-only service allows us to manufacture sheet metal cladding for other companies, providing flexible solutions tailored to their requirements. If you’re in search of a friendly yet professional metal cladding contractor, reach out to us today or share your project details for your free quote.

Metal Cladding - Key Benefits



Durability and longevity

Metal pipe cladding offers exceptional durability, making it a long-lasting choice for protecting pipes. It is resistant to environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, and extreme weather conditions. This results in reduced maintenance needs and costs over time, as metal cladding maintains its integrity and appearance even in challenging conditions.


Improved energy efficiency

A more obvious benefit of metal pipe cladding, it can contribute to improved insulation and energy efficiency of buildings. When used as part of an insulated system, metal cladding helps regulate indoor temperatures by minimising heat loss in colder climates and reducing heat gain in warmer environments. This can lead to lower energy consumption and more comfort for the occupiers, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Aesthetic appeal

Metal cladding offers a wide range of design options, providing a stunning exterior finish to an insulated pipe or duct. With various finishes, colours, and profiles available, metal cladding can be customised to suit diverse architectural styles and project requirements. This versatility allows for creative expression while maintaining practical benefits.

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Metal Cladding for Pipes & Ductwork

Metal cladding is used to protect the exterior of insulated pipes and ductwork. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications within various building settings. Its attributes, including robust mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion, and visually appealing finish, make it an ideal choice for various sectors. Examples of buildings requiring insulated services where metal cladding can be installed include hospitals, apartment complexes, retail spaces, schools, offices, water treatment plants, car factories, and leisure centres.

Since metal cladding is extremely versatile and malleable, there is a choice of materials ranging from plain or stucco aluminium, aluzinc, and plastisol, to galvanised or stainless steel. Each of these comes with its own positives and negatives. For example, stucco aluminium is generally used to clad insulated pipework and ductwork in plant room areas, whereby insulation may be subject to mechanical damage. The main reason metal is used is its ability to protect the integrity of the insulation whilst enhancing its aesthetics. Metal cladding sheets are effective against volatile weather conditions, water absorption, temperature changes and pollution. This makes them a popular and effective weatherproof cladding choice for protecting insulated pipework and ductwork.

Cut Down Your Energy Expenditure

Thermally insulating the pipework and ductwork within a building can help reduce the energy expenses of the building.

By working with Thermal Clad Ltd to insulate the building services, you'll save money and minimise the amount of energy wastage.

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Over the last two decades, we have helped many commercial and industrial businesses with their pipe and ductwork insulation. No matter how complex your system is, we guarantee that we have the expertise needed to insulate it.

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Metal Cladding - FAQs

There is no definitive answer to this question as various factors can impact the expected lifespan of metal cladding including the quality of the installation, the environment it inhabits, the specific application of the cladding and the type of metal used. On average, metal cladding is recorded to have a life expectancy of 25+ years.