Thermal Insulation Contractors

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. This can be achieved with specially engineered methods or processes, as well as with suitable object shapes and materials. Put simply, it refers to the many ways we attempt to prevent the transfer of heat from one object to another.

As leading insulation contractors, providing high-quality services in all aspects of the trade and are backed by a fully-skilled workforce who specialise in thermal insulation installation. We have our own fabrication workshop and expert guide that allows for efficient work and a quick turnaround on all our jobs.

Thermal Insulation for Pipes & Ductwork

Thermal insulation plays a very important role for businesses wanting to lower their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. In commercial and industrial buildings, where pipes transport hot fluids, gases, or chilled liquids, and where HVAC systems circulate air through large ducts and vents, proper insulation serves to safeguard against heat loss or gain. This results in reduced energy consumption, lower operational costs, and better sustainability.

We offer tailored solutions that not only maintain the desired temperature of fluids and air but also prevent condensation, which can cause corrosion and system inefficiencies. By investing in high-quality insulation for pipes and ductwork, your business not only ensures regulatory compliance but also demonstrates your commitment to protecting the environment and the responsible use of resources.


Budget Planning

We offer great estimating services and will discuss ideas to help you achieve your project budgets through value engineering.


Quality Assurance Guarantee

All the products we use come with a manufacturer guarantee.  We have a quality assurance guarantee in place, so you can trust our work to always meet your needs.


No False Deals

We have up to 40 years of experience in the industry, our ethos is to make our clients happy by providing the best service possible.


Expert People

All our installers are accredited and accomplished in all areas of industrial and HVAC insulation and hold relevant certification to enable site working.

Expert Thermal Insulation Installers

Thanks to our many years of experience as thermal insulation contractors, we are able to accommodate your needs as there are very few pipe & HVAC systems that are unfamiliar to us. We also have a highly professional and efficient team that supports us in meeting the demands of any project. Our strict adherence to regulations ensures all of our thermal insulation installers hold the relevant certifications in order to carry out installations on sites.

We are proud to have worked in the industry for over 20 years and to be accredited as safe contractors. We are backed by a fully-trained workforce who specialise in the installation of various types of thermal insulation materials to both commercial and industrial pipework and HVAC systems. This is supported by a highly dedicated estimating and CAD department that helps elevate our insulation services with our free quotes and ensures all projects are cost-effective, and delivered with the highest quality.

We offer a unique integrated service which covers a huge range of developments as well as an estimating service including an electronic schedule of rates and specifications for our insulation projects. We were honoured to be a part of projects at Victoria Square - Woking, Barnes Farm - Telford, and Kettering Hospital where we completed thermal insulation work to a high standard.

Our Thermal Insulation Suppliers

We have great relationships with several regular suppliers and a fairly broad, reliable supply chain. We choose thermal insulation suppliers who are able to stock a wide variety of insulating materials, ranging from the most commonly applied insulation products: Phenolic Foam, Mineral wool, and Nitrile. Since our suppliers can obtain these materials directly from the major manufacturers, we can provide our customers with a particular brand of insulation they would like.

Our supply chain has offices located countrywide. This allows for the improvement of operations as we are able to source materials from various locations, providing additional flexibility to cope with “out-of-town projects” and unexpected events that could delay or jeopardise projects.

We have our own fabrication workshop where we produce special sheet metal cladding, casings and fittings (bends / tees) if required. These can be manufactured to your exact specifications off-site at our facilities, which allows for quick turnarounds on our projects. We are also able to offer a supply-only service, whereby we manufacture sheet metal cladding on a supply-only basis to other companies.

Thermal Clad Supplier Network

Our Thermal Insulation Services

Being expert contractors with extensive experience installing insulation for pipes, ductwork, and plant items such as tanks and vessels. We can offer our thermal insulation services for the following materials:

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Vessel Insulation Contractors

Vessels and tanks play a key role in the storage of a variety of substances. They can be used for storing liquids, gases and various other chemicals that need preservation. Vessel insulation...

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Ductwork Insulation

Ductwork insulation is the process of installing thermal insulation around ductwork to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, temperature control and prevent condensation. Ductwork in buildings is commonly found in ceiling spaces,...

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Glass Fibre & Mineral Wool Insulation

Commonly referred to as just "mineral wool" within the industry, this type of thermal insulation comes in two variations: Rock/Stone Wool and Glass Fibre. These versions, though sharing some common uses, have...

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Glass Fibre Insulation

Phenolic Foam Insulation

Phenolic foam insulation is renowned for its unique composition – a core of insulating foam nestled between flexible tissue-faced layers. It's a fantastic choice for process and petrochemical uses, effectively insulating pipework,...

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Pipework Insulation

Mechanical pipe insulation involves covering pipes with materials that resist heat transfer, helping to maintain desired temperatures. It is installed by wrapping or fitting insulating materials, typically made of foam or fibreglass,...

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Pipework Insulation for Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation - Key Benefits



Reduced Energy Costs

This is one of the most important benefits of installing thermal insulation. When applied correctly, this type of insulation reduces the energy expenses of your building. Once implemented, you can use the required energy more efficiently and effectively, without hindering comfort in your daily life. Minimising waste energy has never been more important and we are dedicated to being a part of solving these issues.


Increased Fire Protection

Building services are an essential part of nearly every building, whether it’s the distribution of cold and warm air through HVAC systems or providing active measures of fire protection through sprinkler systems.

As building services are distributed to various parts of a building, it is common for these services to pass through compartment walls and floors. Building services like smoke extractor systems or sprinkler systems provide active measures of fire protection which often require their own level of fire resistance.

Ensuring that building services can operate safely and do not contribute towards the spread of fire within your building are key considerations for any fire safety strategy. We are able to supply and install a range of products from leading insulation manufacturers that have been specially designed and manufactured for fire-protecting ductwork and pipework.


An Environmentally Friendly Solution

When the pipework and ductwork services are properly insulated in a building, it will help save money on utility costs, contribute to a cleaner atmosphere, plus, minimise leaks, heat loss and condensation issues. Heating and cooling buildings can account for a vast amount of all energy consumption. Reducing the required energy demand can reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions for many large constructions – such as airports, apartment blocks, warehouses and schools.  

Thermally insulating the services within a building is an environmentally friendly solution that helps to push for environmental and ecological balance. Less energy is used for heating, cooling and climatisation of the building; reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. You’re not only saving money on your energy but also consuming less electricity and helping to save our planet. The environmental implications of the energy savings go right to the heart of global climate change, simply because less energy consumption means less emission of greenhouse gases. 


Reduced Emissions of Pollutants

As mentioned previously, thermal insulation installation helps to reduce our electricity consumption. Not only are we using less, but we are also minimising the spread of harmful emissions and pollutants. Emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and other harmful greenhouse gases spreading into the atmosphere is minimised and the negative effect on the ecological balance is reduced.

Thermal insulation is a vital measure we can take to help prevent global warming and climate change.


Personal Protection

Personal Protection insulation is provided to avoid personal injury. All exposed pipework and ductwork surfaces of high temperatures (which could potentially cause serious injury if contact is made with them) can be provided with thermally insulating personal protection.  The installations usually consist of industrial plants with associated ductwork and pipework systems, which are accessible by the end-user and operating personnel, therefore, need to be at a safe temperature to touch.

Thermal Insulation Contractors With Experience

We are trusted thermal insulation contractors who have had the pleasure of installing insulation for businesses across the UK. No matter the complexity of your project, you can rely on us to deliver great results.

Take a look at some of our work and read about our client’s success by clicking on the projects below.

The UK's Leading Insulation Experts

Over the last two decades, we have helped many commercial and industrial businesses with their pipe and ductwork insulation. No matter how complex your system is, we guarantee that we have the expertise needed to insulate it.

But you don't have to take our word for it; read what our happy clients have had to say about our fantastic insulation services.

Expert Guides

Our goal at Thermal Clad is to not only provide our customers with the finest service possible but also to keep them informed about new products and industry trends.

Please feel free to check out some of our expert insulation guides below:

Thermal Insulation - FAQs

In a way, yes. Thermal insulation essentially prevents the transfer of heat. This means that things that should be hot remain hot and things that should be cool remain cool. For instance, if you insulate your industrial pipework, the hot water inside the pipes won’t lose temperature. Meanwhile, the outside of your pipes won’t overheat, thus serving to reduce any potential fire or burning hazards. Whilst thermally insulating your pipes won’t heat things up or cool things down directly, it will ensure that the elements you are protecting remain at the ideal temperature.

At Thermal Clad, we only supply the best kinds of thermal insulation available on the market. Indeed, more than forty years of experience have taught us which materials work best in each individual situation, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your exact industrial needs.

Fibreglass is another commonly used material made from pure sand and fragments of recycled glass. Because it is slightly porous, any air that passes through is trapped in the fabric, serving to reduce the sound impact as a result. Mineral wool is similar to glass fibre insulation, however, it tends to be denser and stiffer for greater impact. This type of material proves incredibly effective when it comes to preventing heat transfer, helping to reduce your emissions whilst also producing significant energy savings. It also reduces noise pollution and, because it is non-combustible, provides enhanced fire protection, as well.

Nevertheless, if you require enhanced moisture resistance in addition to strength and effective heat insulation, phenolic foam is likely the best solution for you. Phenolic Foam is frequently used for chilled and cold water applications, where insulating pipes and vessels is essential.

Generally, all thermal insulation products essentially serve to reduce the amount of heat lost from pipework and ductwork systems, ensuring that your plant and energy usage remains as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Thermal Clad specialises in the provision of commercial and industrial thermal insulation solutions for pipework and ductwork applications. We are perfectly positioned to serve clients across a variety of sectors, including industry, healthcare, manufacturing and education. To find out how we may be able to help you, get in touch to discuss your specific needs or request your free quote.

In the UK, pipework and ductwork insulation are governed by the BS 5422 standard, which specifies the need to comply with current Domestic and Non-Domestic Building Service compliance guidelines. This standard is reviewed periodically, so it’s important to ensure you keep up to date. Thermal Clad is well-versed in all compliance issues, guaranteeing that the materials we provide not only serve your building well but also adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.

Although it is possible to install new thermal insulation over existing solutions, this is not always recommended. Whilst the additional layer can serve to further boost protective properties, it all depends on the condition of your original layer and whether or not it is compliant or in poor condition. We would always recommend removing the existing insulation and starting again.

The exact price of your thermal insulation will depend on the size and scope of your project. At Thermal Clad, our efficient estimating department has the experience required to provide accurate estimates and free quotes.

Yes. One of the significant benefits of quality thermal insulation is that it reduces heat loss. When less heat energy is able to escape and less condensation is able to form, you will consume far less energy to keep your building or fluids at the correct temperature. This reduction in energy usage ultimately translates into lower energy bills and, perhaps more importantly, a reduced carbon footprint. Thermally insulating is therefore essential for all businesses and service providers looking to run their buildings as efficiently as possible, helping reduce greenhouse gasses and protect our planet.

At all projects, Thermal Clad will only install products supplied by industry-leading brands. We only purchase products from manufacturers with proven manufacturing processes and certification to prevent pollution and minimise emissions to air, land and water.

Schools, hospitals and various other types of commercial buildings have ventilation systems to ensure the building’s efficiency, productivity and indoor air quality. We are able to install high-quality thermal insulation to ductwork systems, which in turn will help reduce energy wastage, resist damage to the building caused by condensation forming on ductwork with ceiling spaces, and reduce noise for a more effective environment for the building occupants.

Thermal Insulation contractors specialise in insulating industrial and HVAC mechanical systems such as pipework, ductwork, tanks and other ancillaries such as valves and flanges. It is important to insulate these systems in order to maintain the temperature and air quality within a building envelope. Without insulation, heated or cool air and fluid that is being transported through the ducts and pipes can be reduced, resulting in a less efficient building. A contractor, such as Thermal Clad can ensure that these systems are insulated to the correct industry standards. When employing the services of a contractor it is important to employ a company with a reputable reputation.

Thermal Clad Ltd are able to provide the experience and qualifications required to complete your project. Thermal Clad Ltd will be able to provide you with a detailed quote from your specifications and PDF drawings and answer any queries you may have regarding the materials and installation.