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Polyisobutylene (PIB) cladding serves as the ideal weatherproof cladding, providing a resilient protective layer to exposed external pipes and ductwork. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to shield against not only UV rays but also the detrimental effects of moisture damage and various other outdoor weather conditions, improving the lifespan of your systems.

PIB cladding is used in many industrial applications and is particularly popular in sectors like chemicals and oil. This is because of its remarkable resistance to environmental stresses and its ease of use. For example, the chemical industry benefits from PIB’s ability to resist corrosion caused by chemical spills, while the oil sector benefits from its capability to withstand extreme weather.

PIB Cladding for Pipes & Ductwork

Insulating your exterior pipes and ducts is always a good idea, but this won’t protect them from UV radiation, abrupt fluctuations in temperature, or unpredictable weather. This is when PIB cladding enters the picture.

Polyisobutylene serves as the perfect material for your external pipe & ductwork cladding. It is produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve a strong protective coating. For example, PIB cladding will not harden, nor will it crack or peel, and it is ozone and UV-resistant. Not only this but once installed, PIB insulation cladding doesn’t age or deteriorate over time, making it a worthy investment for the future.

PIB pipe insulation coverings offer versatility, catering to both smaller pipe systems and major installations for external duct & pipe cladding, adapting to your specific requirements. Installing PIB cladding is a worthwhile investment and won’t require constant maintenance after installation. However, it is recommended to have periodic inspections when used on large ductwork applications. As a leading commercial & industrial cladding contractor, you can rely on us to correctly install your PIB cladding.

Expert PIB Cladding Installers

At Thermal Clad, we have decades of combined experience and expert insight which we leverage to meet your specific needs. We are backed by a fully qualified and passionate team. Our insulation specialists also hold the relevant certifications to perform installations on-site.

Over the years, we have built close relationships with reputable suppliers who have offices all across the country. This allows us to improve operations by sourcing insulating materials from multiple sources, giving us greater flexibility to deal with unexpected events that could disrupt projects.

We are pleased to have been in the industry for more than 20 years, to have a great deal of expertise in thermal insulation, and to be accredited as safe contractors. Our commitment extends to delivering a friendly and effective service, striving to meet your needs. You can place your trust in our highly skilled team, specialists in applying diverse insulation materials to HVAC and industrial pipe and ductwork projects.

No matter the size and complexity of your system, or your sector, we have the experience and skills needed to insulate it. If you are interested in our PIB cladding services, please contact us or submit your project details for your free quote.

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Polyisobutylene Cladding - Key Benefits


Ozone and UV resistant

PIB cladding has a few benefits, a major one being its ability to avoid degradation caused by the absorption of UV rays (sun damage). Polyisobutylene is ozone and UV-resistant, providing great protection even when factoring in changing climate conditions and the potential for extreme weather conditions.


Chemical resistant

Another advantage of polyisobutylene is that the material is highly resistant to several chemicals and strong acids. Overall, PIB cladding is extremely hardy and will alleviate your worries about exposure to strong chemicals and acids.


PIB cladding is waterproof

A significant benefit of polyisobutylene is that it’s completely waterproof, making it perfect for external duct cladding or external pipe cladding. Furthermore, polyisobutylene retains its amazing properties even over a wide temperature range (-30°C to 100°C). This goes a long way in explaining its impressive use in oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations.

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