West Bromwich

West Bromwich required our expertise as specialist cladding contractors to insulate their complex HVAC systems. Due to the nature of the ductwork, two different types of insulation were installed, involving a two-layer insulation installation process.

The Installation of Thermal Insulation to Identical HVAC Units

This project was awarded to Thermal Clad Ltd during 2021. The project scope was to complete the installation of thermal insulation to a number of identical HVAC units and their associated ductwork.

All the insulated units and ductwork were finished with metal cladding, produced at our premises in Tamworth and delivered to the site for installation by our installers.  In addition, we provided insulation jackets for the large ductwork bellows and flanges.

This project was of a time-sensitive nature for us, which we completed with no problem.  This was to enable the units to be shipped overseas by our customer.