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Isogenopak cladding, made from PVC film, offers impressive insulation advantages. It protects pipes from chemicals, moisture, and damage, improving their reliability. Its impermeability maintains insulation performance and prevents mould growth. The lightweight, durable design ensures easy installation and low upkeep costs. Compared to standard materials, its chemical resistance, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness make it an eco and budget-friendly option. As a leading industrial & commercial cladding contractor, Thermal Clad has extensive experience installing Isogenopak cladding.


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With our extensive industry experience, we are capable of tailoring our services to your specific needs. Our team comprises some of the industry’s top insulation experts who are fully qualified and have the necessary certifications for on-site installations.

Throughout the years, we have maintained strong partnerships with several trusted suppliers across the UK. Our extensive supplier network improves our resource accessibility and operational flexibility, enabling us to handle unforeseen challenges that may impact projects.

At Thermal Clad, we take pride in over 20 years of business, accumulating a wealth of specialist knowledge and being recognised as safe contractors. Our customer-first approach ensures a friendly and efficient service that never disappoints. We are backed by a team of talented installers who specialise in diverse insulation materials for HVAC and commercial pipe and ductwork systems.

Regardless of project size, complexity, or industry sector, you can rely on our team can insulate your system. For your Isogenopak installation, contact us today or get your free quote.

Isogenopak Cladding - Key Benefits



Isogenopak cladding prevents moisture ingress (water ingress)

A great benefit of Isogenopak pipe insulation is that it prevents moisture ingress (water ingress). The PVC film used ensures that water vapour doesn’t find its way into the insulated pipes and leads to corrosion. In the long term, this will save you money and avoid large costs associated with replacing pipes or fixing potential leakages. The material maintains this level of protection even when exposed to extreme temperatures or corrosive materials.


Increased protection from mechanical damage

Unlike some other forms, Isogenopak cladding is not affected by mechanical damage. This is because it always reverts to its original shape. Essentially, this means you are protected against future damage and repairs. Isogenopak cladding can therefore be used in areas where there may be exposure and potential mechanical damage.

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Isogenopak Insulation for Pipes & Ductwork

Cladding plays an important role in safeguarding the integrity of pipes and ductwork, offering essential protection from external elements and potential damage. A standout cladding option is Isogenopak insulation rolls, which have a range of impressive physical and chemical attributes. Isogenopak is self-extinguishing and impermeable to water and oils, ensuring a secure, dry fit around insulated pipes. Isogenopak cladding also has remarkable resistance to temperature fluctuations, remaining stable from -20°C to 65°C, making it a great choice for cladding both indoor and outdoor pipes and ductwork. Additionally, Isogenopak is a lightweight material and, because it comes in rolls, it has an inherent curl, making it particularly useful for quick installations.

Isogenopak cladding stands out as a cost-effective and practical choice. It excels at effectively cladding pipes and ducts, and is aesthetically pleasing as one can get matching tapes to secure it in place. It is also anti-static and can be easily wiped clean. While Isogenopak cladding has many advantages, it’s important to note that it isn’t paintable due to its impact on fire performance. At Thermal Clad, we can offer our expert knowledge in Isogenopak installation; simply contact us and tell us about your project or get your free quote today.

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Thermally insulating the pipework and ductwork within a building can help reduce the energy expenses of the building.

By working with Thermal Clad Ltd to insulate the building services, you'll save money and minimise the amount of energy wastage.

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Isogenopak Cladding - FAQs

Isogenopak cladding is an innovative form of pipe protection that reduces the risk of injuries, corrosion and bursting pipes. Composed of PVC film, it is used as an additional layer of cover for insulation offering protection from corrosive environments, moisture and chemical spills. Isogenopak cladding is lightweight, impermeable, self-extinguishing, unplasticized and rigid, making it the perfect material for its role. Typically, Isogenopak is manufactured in standard grey or white colour.