Barnes Farm – Telford

Barnes Farm enlisted our expertise as leading pipe insulation contractors for their project. The scope of the project involved the comprehensive installation of thermal insulation for various types of pipework, including Hot Water, Slurry, Pasteurisation, and Condensate systems.

This project was awarded to Thermal Clad Ltd November 2019.

For all insulated pipework, we completed the finish with metal cladding, which we manufactured at our Tamworth facility and then transported to the site for installation by our skilled team. Furthermore, we provided insulation and metal cladding for a condensate pot located on the site.

Before commencing insulation, the majority of pipework systems required the installation of frost protection trace heating cables, complete with thermostats. Additionally, certain pipework sections at this project necessitated a specialised type of trace heating cable and thermostats, specifically “ATEX rated” for use within hazardous zone classified areas. We not only supplied these components but also expertly installed them.

In addition to our insulation work, we supplied and installed jackets for all valves and flanges. Furthermore, we provided larger-sized jackets for several pumps located at the project site, ensuring comprehensive insulation coverage.