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Trace heating on your pipework will prevent it from freezing, even in the depths of winter, and help maintain constant process temperatures – say goodbye to costly system shutdowns caused by frozen pipes and welcome thermostatically controlled, ice-free pipework and the cost savings and efficiencies that go with it.

At Thermal Clad, we specialise in Piping and Ductwork Insulation and have done since 2004. Our expert team boasts more than 40 years of combined experience and is trained and equipped in the installation and maintenance of advanced trace heating systems, as well as the insulation that surrounds them.


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We offer great estimating services and will discuss ideas to help you achieve your project budgets through value engineering.


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All the products we use come with a manufacturer guarantee.  We have a quality assurance guarantee in place, so you can trust our work to always meet your needs.


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We have up to 40 years of experience in the industry, our ethos is to make our clients happy by providing the best service possible.


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All our installers are accredited and accomplished in all areas of industrial and HVAC insulation and hold relevant certification to enable site working.

Expert Frost Protection Trace Heating Installers

With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we take great pride in being accredited as safe contractors, demonstrating our commitment to industry regulations and customer service. Our qualified team is highly experienced in installing frost protection trace heating systems.

At Thermal Clad Ltd, our primary focus involves installing frost protection trace heating for various pipework types, including CWS (Cold Water Services), CAT5 (Cat 5 CWS), LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water Pipework), CHW (Chilled Water Pipework), and Process Pipework. We offer comprehensive trace heating frost protection systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including ATEX-certified products for hazardous environments.

Our past installations have been for pipework systems situated in external plant compounds or cold areas of buildings, such as basements, bin stores, roofs, and washdown area pipework connected to external BIP taps. There have been other instances where we have installed frost protection trace heating. This includes tanks, vessels, and process pipework in water treatment plants where the pipework is exposed to external weather conditions and there’s a risk of fluid freezing.

How Do You Install Heat Tracing on Pipework 

Installing heat tracing on pipework requires a specific methodology, equipment and understanding. The process goes roughly as follows:  

  1. Lay the cable loosely against the pipe, to get an idea of how much you need  
  2. Cut the cable to length, and attach to the pipe using appropriate adhesives at the required positions around the pipe 
  3. Install thermostatic controls and attach cable to them  
  4. Check that the system operates as it should and delivers the correct heat 
  5. Insulate the pipework and cabling together to ensure thermal efficiency  

We conduct all of our installations to the highest possible standards with consideration for the exact conditions of our clients’ systems and using the best materials available.  

Frost Protection Trace Heating - Key Benefits



Greater Energy Efficiency

Without trace heating, your pipework will draw heat away from whatever flows through it. This means that your fluids will arrive at their destination colder than when they set off and will have to be brought back up to temperature at the other end. With trace heating, your pipes can be kept at a constant temperature, reducing heat loss and your energy bills in the process.


A Cost-Effective

Thanks to a reduction in heat loss, as well as improved pipework lifespans, both your energy bills and maintenance costs will be lowered. You’ll also be spared from costly periods of downtime caused by damaged pipes.


Increase Pipework Longevity

It’s commonly understood that when water freezes it expands, which is bad for whatever container it happens to be in. If water freezes in your pipework, it’ll cause potentially extensive and expensive damage to large parts of your system.

Additionally, cold pipes attract condensation which in turn promotes rust, shortening the lifespan of your pipes. Keeping your pipework at a constant temperature helps prevent freezing and condensation, preserving pipe longevity.

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Trace Heating Frost Protection for Pipes

During winter, outside temperatures can drop extremely low and, at times, fall below freezing. Frost protection trace heating is the process of raising or maintaining pipe or vessel temperatures using specially engineered cables. This generally serves to prevent pipes from freezing and then bursting – a potential issue that arises when the temperature drops below zero and the ice begins to expand inside the pipe.

It’s not simply increasing the temperatures of these pipes and vessels, but also maintaining them at your chosen level. Trace heating frost protection cables are often used in conjunction with cladding and pipe insulation, as alone, it would not be enough to prevent freezing or temperature drops.

Replacing broken pipes can prove incredibly costly. If you’re a business that’s potentially susceptible to being affected by many frozen pipes, installing a frost protection trace heating system could be an extremely worthwhile decision – one that will ease your worries about the cold winter frost causing issues for your business. As leading commercial & industrial insulation contractors, you can rely on us to correctly install your trace heating and protect your pipes.

Cut Down Your Energy Expenditure

Thermally insulating the pipework and ductwork within a building can help reduce the energy expenses of the building.

By working with Thermal Clad Ltd to insulate the building services, you'll save money and minimise the amount of energy wastage.

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Trace Heating Frost Protection Contractors - FAQs

Frost protection trace heating works by installing an electrical heating element cable which is wrapped around your pipework or storage vessel, along with the appropriate insulation material. The cable is heated by using an electrical current to keep the pipework or storage vessel at a constant temperature for the purpose of preventing freezing and heat loss.