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Thermal Clad is your premium acoustic insulation contractor providing you with soundproofing insulation for your commercial and industrial space, helping to create a comfortable and safe environment. The right insulation and soundproofing are vital for those living in noisy areas such as working cities, as noise pollution can have a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Exterior noise sourced from airports, motorways and busy roads can be blocked out by proper acoustic insulation fitted to the Pipework, Vessels and Ductwork, while inside a building it will highly improve your privacy and mitigate annoying sounds, such as footsteps or music from adjacent properties.

Controlling noise pollution can be difficult, but Thermal Clad is here to provide the best quality acoustic insulation for commercial buildings to help tackle these issues.


Budget Planning

We offer great estimating services and will discuss ideas to help you achieve your project budgets through value engineering.


Quality Assurance Guarantee

All the products we use come with a manufacturer guarantee.  We have a quality assurance guarantee in place, so you can trust our work to always meet your needs.


No False Deals

We have up to 40 years of experience in the industry, our ethos is to make our clients happy by providing the best service possible.


Expert People

All our installers are accredited and accomplished in all areas of industrial and HVAC insulation and hold relevant certification to enable site working.

Soundproofing Insulation - The Benefits



Protection from External Noise

Our acoustic and soundproofing insulation does exactly what you’d expect – you’ll have sufficient noise reduction from outside sources, making this an advantageous choice for those living in working cities, with high levels of transport or living by noisy neighbours.


Comfort and Privacy

Not only does it provide ample soundproofing, but acoustic insulation solutions also provide precision climate control, keeping all occupants warm in the colder seasons and cooler in the heat. If you happen to make lots of noise, whether you have a recording studio, work in loud commercial or industrial environments or want peace of mind that no one can hear your goings-on, Thermal Clad is here to make it happen as the best acoustic insulation contractors.


Reduction of Sound Transmission and Vibration Passing through Building Elements

Vibrations also play a big role in causing unwanted noise and disruption, and with Thermal Clad’s acoustic insulation and soundproofing, you can wave goodbye to outgoing noise and vibrations as well as incoming sources from other properties.


Applications for Both Renovation Projects and New Builds

Thermal Clad works to provide your building with top-quality soundproofing solutions as part of new builds and renovation projects. We work swiftly to install our insulation, minimising business downtime and always adhering to health and safety and all building standards and regulations.

Expert Acoustic and Soundproofing Insulation Installers

Thermal Clad has been providing expert acoustic insulation services for over four decades on a wide range of buildings and sectors including commercial and industrial. We are trusted and accredited as safe contractors with a mission to deliver efficient and effective services that always meet your requirements. The Thermal Clad team is made up of exceptionally skilled installers who can fit acoustic insulation for piping and ductwork.

We only install acoustic and soundproofing insulation provided by reputable manufacturers across the UK, allowing us to deliver and install your insulation in many different locations. If you are searching for soundproofing insulation near you, look no further than Thermal Clad.

For industrial sectors, we will help you mitigate your noise pollution; commercial premises can rest assured your privacy will be enhanced and overall productivity will improve without exterior or adjacent distractions; residents of domestic properties will benefit from the most effective soundproofing on the market.

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Acoustic Insulation for Pipes & Ductwork

The team at Thermal Clad is proficient in fitting industrial and commercial pipes and ductwork with premium acoustic insulation as part of our services, as well as providing a wide range of other thermal insulation types.

We commonly provide acoustic insulation on pipework and ducting to reduce noise transmission from these systems. In buildings, HVAC systems, including Pipework and Ducting, can be significant sources of noise due to airflow, mechanical operations and water flow in pipes. Acoustic insulation for commercial and industrial buildings will dampen vibrations caused by the flow of air and fluids, absorb sound waves and prevent high levels of noise breakout into ambient environments.

Thermal Clad utilises various materials including mineral wool, fibreglass and specially designed foam insulation that not only provide thermal insulation but also possess sound-absorbing properties.

Cut Down Your Energy Expenditure

Thermally insulating the pipework and ductwork within a building can help reduce the energy expenses of the building.

By working with Thermal Clad Ltd to insulate the building services, you'll save money and minimise the amount of energy wastage.

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Over the last two decades, we have helped many commercial and industrial businesses with their pipe and ductwork insulation. No matter how complex your system is, we guarantee that we have the expertise needed to insulate it.

But you don't have to take our word for it; read what our happy clients have had to say about our fantastic insulation services.

Expert Guides

Our goal at Thermal Clad is to not only provide our customers with the finest service possible but also to keep them informed about new products and industry trends.

Please feel free to check out some of our expert insulation guides below:

Acoustic & Soundproofing Insulation Contractors - FAQs

Soundproofing is important in industrial settings as it helps to comply with noise regulation standards and reduce noise pollution. It helps to improve workplace productivity by minimising distractions and fatigue associated with excessive noise.