Chilton Biomass

This project was particularly captivating as it allowed us to enter the renewable energy sector while prioritising the well-being of Chilton Biomass employees. We take great pride in serving as specialised insulation contractors and contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

Installation of an ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) Unit

In 2010, we embarked on an exciting project at Chilton Biomass Energy Centre. During this period, there was extensive debate regarding the use of biomass as an energy source. This presented a unique opportunity for Thermal Clad to venture into the renewable energy sector, leveraging natural materials as biomass energy sources.

At the energy centre, a team of up to 18 skilled Thermal Clad members undertook the installation of an ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) unit. This unit served the dual purpose of recycling dust from the boiler while filtering out harmful emissions, all the while generating building materials like breeze blocks for construction purposes.

“This was an extremely interesting project at Chilton Biomass Energy Centre. Not only were we working for a renewable energy company, but we were installing an innovative device that would recycle dust into productive manufacturing material, whilst keeping the workforce healthy and safe.”

“This was a fantastic opportunity to enter the renewable energy industry and enabled us to showcase the professional standards we adhere to. Chilton Biomass Energy Centre was extremely pleased with the work we have now completed, and this is sure to open doors into similar industries in the future.”

Chilton Biomass