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Weatherproof jacketing offers a premium multi-layered laminate system, which provides weatherproof cladding to insulated exterior pipes and ductwork. This consists of a membrane made of a 5 or 10-ply aluminium and polymer laminated film which has a zero-perm rating to prevent moisture ingress and with increased strength and UV resistance. This laminate is sealed using a technically advanced adhesive that is capable of being applied in wet and humid conditions, and even at extremes of temperatures. As industry-leading cladding contractors, we confidently back this cladding option as a superior method for safeguarding both exterior and interior pipes and ductwork.

Weatherproof Cladding for Ductwork

While insulating your external ducting is a solid method for protecting them against UV rays, extreme temperature changes, and unpredictable weather, it’s important to note that insulation alone might not provide complete protection. In such cases, weatherproof jacketing can be an effective solution.

Weatherproof jacketing serves as a preferred choice for cladding insulated ductwork. It’s lightweight and flexible, making it suitable for tricky surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Weatherproof cladding is also highly adaptable, coming in various colours like black, silver, grey, and white. This makes weatherproof cladding particularly fitting for buildings where both functional performance and aesthetic appeal are important. For example, hospitals benefit from its reliability in maintaining a controlled environment, while apartment complexes, retail spaces, and schools gain from its dual role in thermal insulation and visual appeal. Offices and leisure centers also leverage its advantages, ensuring optimal insulation performance while contributing to an overall appealing atmosphere.

Expert All Weather Cladding Installers

At Thermal Clad, we have decades of combined experience as insulation contractors, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific needs. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are highly skilled at installing different insulating materials, and are certified to perform on-site cladding installations.

We have been operating within the industry for over twenty years, and we have a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience in installing weatherproof cladding. We are accredited as safe contractors, demonstrating our commitment to industry standards and quality service. We also have partnerships with insulation manufacturers across the UK, which helps us get the materials we need quickly and reliably, and handle unexpected problems that may arise.

No matter how large or complicated your insulation systems are, you can rely on our skills to get the job done. If you’re looking for a trustworthy contractor for weatherproof cladding, please contact us today or share your project details to get your free quote.

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Weatherproof Cladding - Key Benefits


Moisture and weather resistant

The special multi-ply laminate film contains an outer protective coat that improves resistance to UV and environmental contaminants. It has extremely low permeability and moisture resistance in humid conditions and has excellent resistance to puncture and tearing.  This provides protection to the insulation from weather, moisture ingress and physical abuse.


Suitable for internal use and external use

This weatherproof cladding is suitable for both external and internal applications. It offers an advantage because it can be used to cover insulated ductwork that is visible within a building. This is especially useful when a client’s specifications demand an attractive aesthetic finish for the ductwork installations in a project.


Time and cost savings against traditional methods

This weatherproof cladding system is mostly self-adhesive and can be easily cut without requiring specialised tools. This makes it a proven, rapid, and convenient solution. It holds a benefit in terms of its simple preparation process and quicker installation compared to traditional methods using metal or PIB ductwork cladding. This could potentially result in cost savings for your project.

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Cut Down Your Energy Expenditure

Thermally insulating the pipework and ductwork within a building can help reduce the energy expenses of the building.

By working with Thermal Clad Ltd to insulate the building services, you'll save money and minimise the amount of energy wastage.

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