As industry-leading commercial & industrial insulation contractors, we have installed thermal insulation and cladding to various types of ductwork and pipework projects countrywide.  Here are a selection of our past and most recent projects.


Woking Apartments

Client: Woking Apartments

Contract: Thermal Insulation

Our skills as pipework insulation contractors were needed to complete the installation of thermal insulation to various pipework (CHW, LTHW, H&CWS) and ductwork services located within all floor levels of 2no. 30 and 34-storey apartment blocks.


West Bromwich

Client: West Bromwich

Contract: Thermal Insulation

West Bromwich required our expertise as specialist cladding contractors to insulate their complex HVAC systems. Due to the nature of the ductwork, two different types of insulation were installed, involving a two-layer insulation installation process.


Brickworks – Derbyshire

Client: Brickworks - Derbyshire

Contract: Insulation and Cladding

Brickworks was in need of an industrial cladding contractor with specialist knowledge of insulating large duct systems. The project involved the insulation and cladding to their ductwork systems in relation to kilns.


Barnes Farm – Telford

Client: Barnes Farm - Telford

Contract: Thermal Insulation

Barnes Farm enlisted our expertise as leading pipe insulation contractors for their project. The scope of the project involved the comprehensive installation of thermal insulation for various types of pipework, including Hot Water, Slurry, Pasteurisation, and Condensate systems.

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Kettering Hospital

Client: Kettering Hospital

Contract: Thermal Insulation

As seasoned insulation contractors, Thermal Clad is well-equipped to handle a wide range of projects across the UK, regardless of their scale, complexity, or industry sector. Our involvement at Kettering Hospital was no exception, as our highly skilled workforce embarked on an exciting project.

Severn Trent & Thames Water

Severn Trent & Thames Water

Client: Severn Trent & Thames Water

Contract: Electrical Trace Heating

Trent & Thames Water sought the expertise of Thermal Clad, experienced trace heating contractors, to safeguard their vessels from potential frost damage.


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Oxoid – Basingstoke

Client: Clive Enfield

Contract: Thermal Insulation, Cladding

This project not only demonstrated our proficiency as pipe insulation contractors but also highlighted our adaptability across diverse industries, yielding a consistently successful outcome. Oxoid Basingstoke, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in scientific solutions, provides a compelling case study of our collaborative success.

Cardiff Water

Cardiff Water

Client: Cardiff Water

Contract: Pipework and Vessel Installation

Cardiff Water enlisted our expertise as insulation contractors for insulating pipes and vessels in their water treatment facilities. Our track record across various water treatment projects reflects consistent success, evidenced by our ongoing recommendations and accolades. At Thermal Clad, we consistently uphold a commitment to delivering high-quality work within established timelines and budgets.

Chilton Biomass

Chilton Biomass

Client: Chilton Biomass

Contract: Renewable Ventilation

This project was particularly captivating as it allowed us to enter the renewable energy sector while prioritising the well-being of Chilton Biomass employees. We take great pride in serving as specialised insulation contractors and contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

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Coventry College

Client: Tony Evans

Contract: Thermal Insulation

As experienced commercial insulation contractors, we are committed to collaborating with clients from both the public and private sectors across various regions of the UK. Our project partnership with Coventry College stands as a testament to our track record of success, characterized by on-time completion and flawless execution, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to achieving high-quality project outcomes.