Woking Apartments

Our skills as pipework insulation contractors were needed to complete the installation of thermal insulation to various pipework (CHW, LTHW, H&CWS) and ductwork services located within all floor levels of 2no. 30 and 34-storey apartment blocks.

This was One of Our Larger Projects Recently Completed by us

This project was awarded to Thermal Clad Ltd during 2019 and is one of our larger projects. This project has recently been completed by us.

At this project there were 6no. plantrooms, whereby the insulated pipework was required to be finished with aluminium cladding.  The metal cladding was produced in our workshop in Tamworth and was delivered to site.

All the valves and flanges within the plantroom areas were fitted with insulation jackets by our company.

There were 4no. external roof levels which housed the AHU plant.  Part of our scope of work included insulating the external ductwork and providing a weatherproof jacketing finish.

The AHU’s had LTHW and CHW pipework connections to them.  We were required to install frost protection trace heating complete with stats to this pipework, cover it with insulation sections and finish with aluminium cladding for weather protection.