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Hot water maintenance trace heating is designed to ensure instant hot water is always available from taps whilst simultaneously lowering overall power consumption and water wastage. A self-regulating, electrical trace heating cable is used to maintain the temperatures all the way from the boiler to the outlet, negating the need for traditional recirculating and re-heating systems.


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We have been involved in this sector for more than 20 years and take great pride in being a community-based business that offers excellent services in all facets of the industry, as well as being accredited as a safe contractor. Our operations are complemented by highly trained personnel with a background in the use of hot water maintenance trace heating systems.

We offer products and systems tailored for domestic, commercial, and industrial pipe trace heating needs, including ATEX-approved solutions for hazardous environments. Our hot water pipe trace heating cables and related supplies are sourced from a reliable supplier network that provides valuable suggestions and quality solutions. Our extensive supplier network also enables us to effectively address any unexpected project challenges.

Investing in trace heating for hot water pipework is a valuable decision, and we’re eager to talk about your project needs. Get in touch with our team today or share your details for your free quote.

Heat Trace Hot Water System - Key Benefits



Increased energy efficiency

Thanks to the self-regulating capabilities of these systems, trace heating hot water pipework provides impressive energy efficiency. By maintaining the temperature consistently from the boiler to the outlet, the requirement for systems that continuously reheat and recirculate water becomes unnecessary. This results in energy being used only when needed, minimizing waste and enhancing overall efficiency.


Hot water maintenance trace heating helps to reduce costs

Hot water maintenance trace heating helps cut costs by decreasing the overall pipework needed for immediate hot water supply. Without trace heating, a flow-and-return piping system would be necessary. However, the new process eliminates the need for the return part of this system. As a result, maintenance and running costs are lowered. This is a significant reason why trace heating methods like this are widely used in settings such as schools and hospitals, where cost savings are crucial.


An environmentally friendly solution

Given the increasing significance of climate change, there’s a heightened importance on businesses reducing their carbon footprint. Hot water pipe trace heating offers an eco-friendly way to supply hot water precisely where it’s needed. By maintaining a steady temperature instead of reheating intermittently, energy efficiency is improved. As previously mentioned, water wastage is also reduced by minimising the time spent waiting for hot water to reach the outlet.

As businesses strive for a more environmentally conscious future, it’s crucial to adopt energy-saving and efficient systems such as hot water maintenance trace heating.

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Trace Heating Hot Water Pipework

A hot water maintenance trace heating system has become increasingly common in commercial properties. Its purpose is to provide instant hot water from taps. This system is now essential for most modern hot water setups, driven by the market’s interest in cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. The self-regulating cable within the system automatically adjusts its output, ensuring that water remains heated from the boiler to the outlet. This eliminates the need for traditional recirculating systems, saving both space and maintenance expenses.

Hot water pipe trace heating systems are energy-efficient due to their self-regulation. This helps reduce energy consumption, leading to lower bills. A primary reason to install a hot water trace heating system is to maintain the temperature of hot water running through the pipe, which in turn helps to limit the risk of harmful bacteria growth such as Legionella. Moreover, these systems require minimal maintenance and are cost-effective to install. They have become a standard feature in various settings like schools, hotels, offices, apartments, stadiums, prisons, and hospitals, where immediate hot water access is vital.

Additionally, heat trace hot water systems can be programmed to switch between temperature modes efficiently. This is useful for times when hot water demand is lower, such as during the night, as well as when instant hot water access is crucial. For accurate hot water maintenance trace heating installations, Thermal Clad leads the way among commercial insulation contractors.

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Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Trace Heating - FAQs

Yes, but not in the conventional way of constant wattage heating cables. Many self-regulating trace heating cables come with an internal thermostat monitoring ambient temperature to instruct the self-regulating trace heating cable on what temperature to adjust to. This makes them ready to go from the box.