Cardiff Water

Cardiff Water enlisted our expertise as insulation contractors for insulating pipes and vessels in their water treatment facilities. Our track record across various water treatment projects reflects consistent success, evidenced by our ongoing recommendations and accolades. At Thermal Clad, we consistently uphold a commitment to delivering high-quality work within established timelines and budgets.

Based on our brilliant work for Dublin Water Treatment Works in 2009,

Based on our brilliant work for Dublin Water Treatment Works in 2009, we were afforded the opportunity to complete two additional jobs in Cardiff and Afan Water Treatment Works.

At each of the three sites—Dublin, Cardiff, and Afan Water Works—Thermal Clad dedicated a team of 4-8 highly skilled members for the installation of pipework and vessels aimed at treating sewage before it was returned to the river. We were pleased to contribute to this vital endeavour, and at Thermal Clad, we approach every project with the same dedication, regardless of its size or scope.

“Since starting the Dublin Water Treatment Works project we have had a steady stream of projects that have come as a result,” explained Kevin Cartridge, Managing Director of Thermal Clad Ltd. “They were really happy with our work and our expertise in pipework and vessels, and as a result, we were recommended for not one but two jobs in Wales off the back of the Dublin project.”

“This just goes to show that you can place your trust in Thermal Clad to provide you with the best pipework insulation service on the market.” Dublin Water Treatment Works gave us a shot and as a result, three Water Treatment Works have been rewarded with successfully completed pipework and vessels in the last year.

Cardiff Water