Expert Guide – Cladding Expertise

Various types of sheet metal cladding can be used to cover insulation. This protects against the elements and can provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to insulated ventilation ducts and pipework, to purpose-made covers to valves and flanges.

Our expertise in sheet metal work is first class, with the management holding 40 years of experience and the relevant qualifications in sheet metal work practices and pattern development.

We are committed to investing in our metal cladding technology.   In order to achieve improved operations we have introduced a CAD CAM plasma cutter within our workshop to enable faster production of our metal cladding.

We are also able to optimise processes.  We recently have undertaken a large project, involving a vast amount of metal cladding to ductwork insulation.  This required some quick thinking by our management and a process was set in place to enable a more productive installation.

We were able to set up an onsite metal cladding workshop, which reduced delivery and labour times and made for a quicker and more efficient project installation. To find out more about our metal cladding service, speak to a member of our highly experienced team today either by emailing or by calling 018274 259 972. You can also get your FREE metal cladding quote here.

Expert Guides

Our goal at Thermal Clad is to not only provide our customers with the finest service possible but also to keep them informed about new products and industry trends.

Please feel free to check out some of our expert insulation guides below: